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Designed for U.S. pilots, the Rally U.S. features—

Standard Features—

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Introductory Base Price: $89,190.00


Wing Span 30 ft 1 in
Length 23.2 ft
Height 7 ft.
Wing Area 124.96 ft²
Interior Dimensions
Cabin Height (top of seats to roof) 40 in
Cabin Width (door to door, at the handle) 43.7 in
Cabin Length (instrument panel to rear bulkhead) 70 in
Baggage Space 16 ft³
Model Rotax 912 UL S2
Power/rpm 100 hp@5800 rpm
Speed Knots/mph
Maximum at sea level 120/138
Cruise (75% power at 2000 ft, ISA conditions) 107/123
Usable Fuel (Capacity Gal/Duration) 34 gal/7.2 hrs
Range @ 75% at 2000 ft (ISA conditions) 920 sm
Rate of climb at sea level 800 fpm
Service ceiling 12,000 ft
Takeoff Performance - (ISA Conditions - Sea Level)
Ground roll 360 ft
Total Distance over 50 ft obstacle 600 ft
Landing Performance - (ISA Conditions - Sea Level)
Ground roll 450 ft
Total Distance over 50 ft obstacle 1000 ft
Stall Speed Knots/mph
Flaps up, power off 44/51
Flaps down, power off 35/40
Maximum Weight
MTOW 1320 lbs
Standard Empty Weight 760 lbs
Maximum Useful Load 560 lbs
Wing Loading 10.34 lbs/ft²
Power Loading 13.2 lbs/hp
Total Fuel Capacity 35 gal/34 usable
Oil Capacity 0.8 gal
Glide Ratio 17:01
Stressed to  

  Storm Rally S full Capability Surveillance Plane flyer