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The STORM RG FURY revolutionizes the flying experience, offering pilots more performance, more freedom, increased satisfaction, and a better value than any other fixed gear aircraft in its category.

Now, 10 years after the STORM revolution began, the history of unparalleled innovation, and the heritage of best-setting performance continues with the STORM RG. The STORM RG represents the culmination of more than a decade of research, testing and invaluable input from STORM builders and fliers. Redesigned from the tail forward, it's fast and easy to build.

Fin Design
The fin had to perform up to the tremendous top speeds that pilots expect from STORM aircraft. However, a higher emphasis was placed on low speed handling. To keep area to a minimum, the fin has a unique double taper to maximize the lift distribution from root to tip. This also allowed us to eliminate all "washout" which can compromise efficiency. This new airfoil creates extensive laminar flow across more than 50% of the surface. The low-drag laminar "bucket" is also wider than before, further increasing overall performance. The result is very carefully "tuned" fin design, which enhances overall aircraft performance.

We are very pleased that the new STORM RG fin exceeds all expectations, with lower stall speed; better roll rate, improved low speed handling and higher top speeds. Ultra-high speed cruise, comfortable control stick forces are the result of an intense design process.

At the other end of the performance spectrum, the STORM RG's low-speed roll control is nothing short of remarkable, and the stall behavior is "straight ahead." The addition of simplified Fowler flaps further increases the wing's maximum lift coefficient to enhance this low speed handling. This translates into the safety of lower approaches and shorter landing distances.

Retractable Gear
The main landing gear is made by two supporting beams hinged around the end of two
metal leaf springs house inside the fuselage. This arrangement still allows, in a retractable gear, the use of the spring leaf for the landing shock absorption, preserving therefore all this advantage (simplicity, reliability, maintainability). The main legs are simply rotate by two pneumatic actuators.

wheelThe front wheel is integrated with a high efficient oleo-pneumatic shock absorber. The steering and the braking system are unchanged. When the landing gear is down the torque-arms are mechanically blocked, preventing the rotation unless driven by the actuators. An electrical compressor gives the necessary pressure to the pneumatic system headed up by two spherical tanks. One tanks gives the necessary compressed air in case of system failure. In any case the gravity assures the landing gear extension. The panel indicators (up-and-locked, down and- locked) comply with FAR requirements.


Wing Span 30 ft 1 in
Length 23.2 ft
Height 7 ft.
Wing Area 124.96 ft²
Interior Dimensions
Cabin Height (top of seats to roof) 40 in
Cabin Width (door to door, at the handle) 43.7 in
Cabin Length (instrument panel to rear bulkhead) 70 in
Baggage Space 16 ft³
Model Rotax 912 UL S2
Power/rpm 100 hp@5800 rpm
Speed Knots/mph
Maximum at sea level 120/138
Cruise (75% power at 2000 ft, ISA conditions) 107/123
Usable Fuel (Capacity Gal/Duration) 34 gal/7.2 hrs
Range @ 75% at 2000 ft (ISA conditions) 920 sm
Rate of climb at sea level 800 fpm
Service ceiling 12000 ft
Takeoff Performance - (ISA Conditions - Sea Level)
Ground roll 360 ft
Total Distance over 50 ft obstacle 600 ft
Landing Performance - (ISA Conditions - Sea Level)
Ground roll 450 ft
Total Distance over 50 ft obstacle 1000ft
Stall Speed Knots/mph
Flaps up, power off 44/51
Flaps down, power off 35/40
Maximum Weight
MTOW 1320 lbs
Standard Empty Weight 760 lbs
Maximum Useful Load 560 lbs
Wing Loading 10.34 lbs/ft²
Power Loading 13.2 lbs/hp
Total Fuel Capacity 35 gal/34 usable
Oil Capacity 0.8 gal
Glide Ratio 17:01
Stressed to +6/-3 G's